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Posted by samatwitch on March 21, 2012


Today is World Poetry Day and a woman whose blog I follow suggested visitors to her site add a couple of lines in the comments to make a peace poem.  As usual, I couldn’t keep it to two lines.  😉 I’ve also added a few more.


Thoughts of peace are often hidden in our tempestuous world

But seeds have been planted.

Tended by gardeners of all races,

Like hope, peace sprouts unexpectedly

In countries throughout the world

Even where it is dangerous to have such thoughts.

But they flourish anyway.


Delicate buds with hardy roots

Struggling to reach the bright light of promise,

Fertilised by dreams of a future free of war and suffering,

And supported by hundreds, thousands, millions

With similar thoughts, hopes and dreams.

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Posted by samatwitch on December 22, 2011

I wrote these poems one night a few weeks after my mother died in July 1987, when I couldn’t sleep.  I started out in generalised terms and by the third poem had gotten down to the heart of what I was feeling.


This can’t be all there is.
These years we call our life on Earth.
The microspeck of time.
In the vast eternity we know as forever,
The tiny dot that we call Earth
Is just one of billions in infinity.
Are we forever chained to this sphere?

I think not.

There are other worlds and times to explore,
Constantly changing, as are we;
Our knowledge of the Universe and ourselves,
Growing every day.

Can we ignore our inner yearnings for more?

To know we are not alone,
Set down haphazardly
As the only intelligent life
In a vast expanse of stars and suns.
Our inner senses tell us differently.
But until we learn to live
In peace and love on this planet,
We cannot expect to know others.


Time flies by on winged feet
Or crawls at a snail’s pace.
It stands still when you most want it to hurry,
And stretches a moment like elastic.

Time can be friend or foe,
Not lingering to let us savour the moment,
But speeding by
To try to trap us in the here and now.

So let us enjoy each moment,
Tasting fully of its fruit,
And planting seeds which will
Sprout in our past and futures
As full-blown reality.


Seven weeks.
An infinity or a brief moment.
Joy and love,
Pleasure and pain,
Hope and fear,
Laughter and tears.

A lifetime compressed into seven weeks.
Strength I didn’t know I had
To continue living
As my last link to childhood
Crumbled around me.

No longer would my mother tell stories of our growing up –
Or hers.
No longer would she disapprove of my decisions,
But love me anyway.
No longer would her smiling face and open arms
Greet me at the door of their home,
Always glad to see me.

Time has stolen my mother, even though her spirit lives on.

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Posted by samatwitch on December 19, 2011


Silent as wraiths
Memories slip in and out of my mind,
Grey mists parting briefly to allow
A glimpse of some long-forgotten world:
A birthday party when I was five,
with balloons and cake and ice-cream and hats;
My first kiss, that innocent touching of lips,
Not knowing what to expect;
The first time death entered my life –
A family friend, barely out of her teens.
Happy memories and sad,
Every waking moment of my life,
Every sleeping moment, too,
Recorded in my mind for all time.

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Posted by samatwitch on December 13, 2011


I used to dream of giants and witches
Peering in the windows of my life.
but that’s absurd.
There are no such things,
Are there?
If we appear as mighty giants
To small creatures of our world,
Could there not be creatures of another world
Who would appear the same to us?

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Posted by samatwitch on December 3, 2011


Softly my thoughts drift around me,
Riding the thermals of my mind.
First one soars into view,
My mind’s eye following it out of sight
Until distracted by a new thought.
Sometimes several cluster nearby,
Seeming to struggle for attention.
My mind jumps from one to another,
Never staying long enough to catch a firm hold,
Reaching out for one and finding nothing but air.
Finally I find one within my grasp.
I hold on tight,
Slowly examining it from every angle
Until I know it inside out.
Then I let it go,
To drift away until another day.

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Posted by samatwitch on November 16, 2011

Now that I’ve started on posting my writing, I can’t seem to stop! The vote for today was for poetry and animals, so here are a couple of poems I wrote about dinosaurs.  As you can tell, they were written for very young children.



A purple stegosaurus
Came to ask me out to tea
I said, “No, thank you.”
But I said it prettily.

“Why not,” asked he,
“What can the matter be?”
I answered, “I’m afraid
That I may be your tea.”

“Nonsense,” said he,
“I’d never eat the person I take out.
Besides, you’re much too large for me
To get my mouth about.

“Grasses are my favorite food,
And sometimes leaves from trees.
If you have vegetables for my plate,
I’d love to have some, please.”

“If that’s the case, you’re welcome here,
Pray enter in my home,
We’ll have lettuce and green onions,
For dessert a honeycomb.”



If you knew an Apatosaurus,
You could play all kinds of games.
She would keep you safe from bullies,
And you could maybe change her name.

Brontosaurus was what she was called
Many years ago,
And even though her head is bald
Her pace was kind of slow.

But wouldn’t she have made a terrific slide,
Or maybe a roller coaster?
From the top of her head to the tip of her tail,
When you finished, you’d want to toast her.

The family traveled far and wide,
And you could do that, too.
When enemies came, the children would hide.
They knew exactly what to do.

With 80 vertebrae in their tails,
They used them like a whip,
But also as a counterbalance,
When the leaves of trees they’d strip.

So she could be your greatest friend,
The biggest one you know,
And you could travel safely
While you grow and grow and grow.

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