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Posted by samatwitch on November 22, 2011

Another story written for our geek group. I can’t remember what words we had to use in this one.  (Edit: A friend on Twitter just reminded me that we had to use the words April, Fool and include a bird.)


April looked down at her black and white outfit with pleasure. She knew she looked fine, indeed. Her feet tapped excitedly as she made her way to the large flat rock overlooking the Atlantic ocean where she was to meet Julius. The ocean was mostly calm today, stretching navy blue as far as she could see, where it met the lighter blue of the sky. Blue was April’s favourite colour. Today would be a wonderful day for swimming.

As she drew closer to the meeting spot, April could see that Julius wasn’t there yet. No matter, she was early and she was just glad that none of their other friends were there. They couldn’t seem to go anywhere these days without a crowd of others with them. She liked Julie and Janon and all the others, but sometimes she just wanted to be alone with Julius – and today looked as if it could be the day!

Excitement hurried her steps and she stumbled a little on a small rock in her path. As she righted herself, April heard a faint humming. It didn’t sound familiar and she looked all around her to see what could be making the noise. She didn’t see anything, but the humming, although still soft, appeared to be approaching.

Finally she looked up and saw something in the sky. The sun was still so bright she couldn’t make out what it was but it looked round and shiny, with the sun glinting off the exterior. As the object came nearer, April became afraid, looking around frantically for the friends she had wished elsewhere. Where was Julius? Where were all her friends when she needed them?

The large object was now hovering directly overhead and making a loud throbbing noise. April wished she could fly – or even run away – but she couldn’t get her legs to work. A door opened in the side of the round object and two very large creatures came down as if floating and landed right beside her. April opened her mouth but no sound came out. Instead, sound came out of their mouths – or what she thought must be mouths. They were just slits in the flat faces of these creatures. Their eyes were set back in their heads and they seemed to have some sort of feathers around their faces. She didn’t understand their language and when she was finally able to squeak out a word or two, it was obvious they didn’t understand hers.

As the huge beings approached her, April tried to run, but they were too fast for her. One of the beings reached out with fur-covered paws and picked her up, carrying her up to its face. The fear of being eaten alive was too much for April and she passed out.

When she woke up, April was lying on her back on what appeared to be a bare slab in a large cave with light everywhere. She looked around and saw all kinds of items she couldn’t identify. Everything was shiny and hurt her eyes. She tried to get up but there was a belt around her stomach, keeping her in place and there seemed to be something around one of her legs. She looked over the side of the rock and saw that it was a long way down to the bottom of the cave. How was she ever going to get away from these monsters? True, they hadn’t eaten her alive – yet, but maybe they were keeping her to feed their young.

A noise from the cave entrance distracted her. One of the creatures approached, but this one did not have feathers around its face or fur on its paws. It spoke to her, but April still did not understand the language. The creature approached and April tried to shrink closer to the rock, but it came right up to her and did something to the belt to loosen it, then helped April stand up. It gently stroked her before poking and prodding her a bit. It wasn’t painful, but she wasn’t used to anything touching her like that! She tried to squirm free, but the paw holding her was firm.

After a few moments, with the creature speaking to her all the time, in what she realised was a soothing tone, she was lifted from the table and carried over to a smaller cave, with walls that were barely there. April didn’t want to go in the smaller cave, but she had no choice. Once inside, the creature did something behind her and when she turned around she discovered there was now a wall where she had entered!

The creature picked up the cave April was in and carried her along narrower caves until it reached one where there were two of the feather and fur creatures. She was handed to one of them and it carried her outside into the cold air. There was the large round shiny object she had seen from the rock what felt like days ago. How long had she been gone? Had Julius been looking for her? What about her parents, her friends? Were they alright?

April felt herself being lifted in the shiny object and then a very loud noise startled her so much that the passed out again. This time when she woke up, she thought only a few minutes had gone by. The loud noise was now a steady throbbing and she had the sensation of flying. Once again her cage was lifted, but gently so she only rocked slightly within it and the creature holding her spoke. Its paw pointed to her and then gestured to the clear wall of the machine. April looked where the paw pointed and felt as if she were flying far above the ocean. This was what she had dreamed of all her life, to fly high above the water, soaring and dipping. Her heart swelled with happiness in spite of her fear and then the machine they were in started to drop. Now she could see darker objects in the water. They dropped lower and she saw that the objects were rocks – her rocks – where she lived with her family and friends, but none of them were there.

Just then, she felt a bump and the noise got louder as the wall of the machine opened. The creature lifted her in the cave and carried her to the rocks some distance away. There he opened the wall so she could get out. April stumbled a little, she was in such a hurry to get away before the creature changed its mind and took her away again.

The creature took a few long strides and got back into the noisy machine, which lifted into the air. April stared up at the shiny object, remembering the sensation of flying she had had.

The noise faded into the distance and so did the object. Soon there was nothing to see or hear but the sound of the ocean. Sliding down one of the rocks, April fell and hit her head.

She woke up surrounded by her friends and family, all chattering to her, asking her where she had been. She didn’t know what to answer. How could they understand when she didn’t?

None of them had heard any loud noises or seen any shiny objects. They said she must have had a dream when she hit her head. Slowly she walked back with them.

Later than night, April stood alone on a rock, looking at the stars. She thought about her experience that day but now it all seemed kind of fuzzy. Had she really been flying?

“Don’t be a fool,” April told herself, “of course it was all a dream. Everyone knows that Atlantic puffins don’t fly all that well at all.” Then she looked down at the band around her leg and wondered.

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