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Autumn Colours

Posted by samatwitch on November 19, 2012

Burnt umber, polished gold, rusty brown stand out amid the variegated greens of the evergreen trees.  Here and there the brilliant red flames of a Japanese maple punctuate the fall colours.  We may not have the same variety or even vividness of eastern autumns, but the West Coast has its fair share of rioting colour, including late blooming roses of pure white, blushing pink and soft buttery yellow.

Leaves are reluctantly bidding farewell to the branches on which they have made their homes for the past few months, creating a thick carpet of gold on the patio outside my office window.   With the rain we’ve had in recent days, they are not as crisp as I like and don’t crinkle as much underfoot as I shush through them, but it’s a sight I look forward to once fall hits.

Living in the rain forest as we do, the predominant colour of any season is green, even during the winter, and the number of shades of that colour always amazes me.

4 Responses to “Autumn Colours”

  1. saalon said

    Oh, Sams, these are *gorgeous*. I love that one with the red and green leaves against the white fence the most. But they’re all beautiful.

  2. cweishan said

    Lovely. The drought her in Wisconsin dimmed the colors just a bit.

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