Ponderings from a Procrastinating Prognosticator


Posted by samatwitch on December 19, 2011


Silent as wraiths
Memories slip in and out of my mind,
Grey mists parting briefly to allow
A glimpse of some long-forgotten world:
A birthday party when I was five,
with balloons and cake and ice-cream and hats;
My first kiss, that innocent touching of lips,
Not knowing what to expect;
The first time death entered my life –
A family friend, barely out of her teens.
Happy memories and sad,
Every waking moment of my life,
Every sleeping moment, too,
Recorded in my mind for all time.


4 Responses to “POEM: MEMORIES”

  1. saalon said

    Very nice. I found the simplicity and specificity of the birthday party image particularly evocative.

  2. The word wraiths describes memories perfectly.

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