Ponderings from a Procrastinating Prognosticator


Posted by samatwitch on December 13, 2011


I used to dream of giants and witches
Peering in the windows of my life.
but that’s absurd.
There are no such things,
Are there?
If we appear as mighty giants
To small creatures of our world,
Could there not be creatures of another world
Who would appear the same to us?


2 Responses to “POEM: REALITY”

  1. Man – I dunno how old you were, but that is some precociously-meta-philosophizing for a kid. And remember, don’t ever boil a dust speck, because there might be Who’s living on it.

  2. samatwitch said

    I wasn’t that young – early 30s when I wrote the poem, but something I had thought of since I was a preteen. I used to wake up thinking there was a giant looking in my window!

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