Ponderings from a Procrastinating Prognosticator


Posted by samatwitch on December 1, 2011


Dragonfly darting in the summer dusk,
Flashes of brilliant blue.
A miniature helicopter
Gone wild and out of control.
Zooming and diving over the heads of my cats,
Swooping towards them to tease,
Then soaring high out of reach and sight,
Luminescent wings beating madly.

2 Responses to “POEM: DRAGONFLY”

  1. saalon said

    Evocative and lovely, Sammy.

    (As a side note, I thought I’d subscribed to your blog yet I never saw this come up. What the heck?)

  2. samatwitch said

    Thanks, E.

    Don’t know what’s happening with WordPress and following but I seem to be following you now, so maybe it takes a couple of times for it to register?

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