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Posted by samatwitch on November 17, 2011

A Sci-Fi fan group I belong to occasionally has writing challenges.  The first one was that it had to be less than 500 words (mine is 499!) and include the phrase, “Frog for Rent”.  This was my entry, which had to be read aloud, of course.  It’s actually meant to be part of a longer story – a young children’s book perhaps – which I had started as an assignment in my Kids’ Lit class a number of years ago.



“Frog for Rent?”  Brenna read the sign aloud.  “Why would anyone want to rent a frog?”

“There are lots of reasons,” an indignant voice said from near her right foot.

“Such as?”  she inquired, looking down at the large green frog.

“Such as wanting a translator or guide in the Enchanted Swamp.”

“I have Samantha,” Brenna indicated the long-haired tabby strolling out from behind a nearby bush.  “Samantha can speak and understand most languages in the Enchanted Swamp.  I also have a map to guide me.”

“Well, what about finding a prince?” the frog asked.  “I can identify any frogs who are really princes so you don’t have to go around kissing every frog you find.”

“I’m already a princess,” replied Brenna, “why would I need to find a prince?”

The frog looked shocked.  “Not want to find a prince?” he sputtered, “But, but, everyone wants to find a prince!”

“I don’t,” stated Brenna firmly.  “I’m on a quest to find my best friend Trevor and a prince would just get in the way.”

“But a prince could help protect you from dragons,” protested the frog.

“Nonsense!  My mother’s best friend is a dragon; perhaps you know her?  Her name is Desmerelda.”

“Never heard of her,”  the frog almost barked.  “Whoever heard of a dragon being friends with a human queen.  Your mother is a human, isn’t she?” the frog asked suspiciously.

“Oh, yes,” assured Brenna, “my mother is quite human.  She and Desmerelda became friends when they both went to Royal School.  Desmerelda is Empress of the Dragonhood now.  I’m surprised you haven’t heard of her.”

“I don’t keep track of things outside of the Enchanted Swamp,” huffed the frog.  “I have enough to do with what’s going on in my world without worrying about others.”

“Really? What do you do?” Brenna asked with interest.

“Well, I keep the fly population down and I check the stability of lily pads and take part in the Frog Chorus.  We have a concert coming up next week if you’re going to be in the area,” the frog said proudly.

“That does sound as if it would keep you busy,” Brenna remarked.  “What kind of music do you sing?”

“Hip hop, of course.”

“Oh, of course.”  Brenna smiled.  “And you still have time to rent yourself out as a guide.”

“I like to keep busy and I can use the coins.  I’m courting Miss Amelia Mouse,” the frog admitted shyly, “and we’re saving up for a lovely home by the water.”

“Congratulations, Mr. Frog,” Brenna said as she reached down to shake his front leg, “I hope you will be very happy together.”

“Thank you.  You can call me Rupert.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Rupert, I’m Brenna.  And you’ve met Samantha.” The cat stopped cleaning her face and studied the frog intently.

Rupert cleared his throat nervously.  “Since you don’t need me, I’ll be going.”

“Good-bye, Rupert.”  With that, Brenna and Samantha turned back to the path through the Enchanted Swamp.


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