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Posted by samatwitch on November 16, 2011

Now that I’ve started on posting my writing, I can’t seem to stop! The vote for today was for poetry and animals, so here are a couple of poems I wrote about dinosaurs.  As you can tell, they were written for very young children.



A purple stegosaurus
Came to ask me out to tea
I said, “No, thank you.”
But I said it prettily.

“Why not,” asked he,
“What can the matter be?”
I answered, “I’m afraid
That I may be your tea.”

“Nonsense,” said he,
“I’d never eat the person I take out.
Besides, you’re much too large for me
To get my mouth about.

“Grasses are my favorite food,
And sometimes leaves from trees.
If you have vegetables for my plate,
I’d love to have some, please.”

“If that’s the case, you’re welcome here,
Pray enter in my home,
We’ll have lettuce and green onions,
For dessert a honeycomb.”



If you knew an Apatosaurus,
You could play all kinds of games.
She would keep you safe from bullies,
And you could maybe change her name.

Brontosaurus was what she was called
Many years ago,
And even though her head is bald
Her pace was kind of slow.

But wouldn’t she have made a terrific slide,
Or maybe a roller coaster?
From the top of her head to the tip of her tail,
When you finished, you’d want to toast her.

The family traveled far and wide,
And you could do that, too.
When enemies came, the children would hide.
They knew exactly what to do.

With 80 vertebrae in their tails,
They used them like a whip,
But also as a counterbalance,
When the leaves of trees they’d strip.

So she could be your greatest friend,
The biggest one you know,
And you could travel safely
While you grow and grow and grow.

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